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Master the Tarot Card Meanings

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This program is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve been going nuts trying to commit the 78 Tarot card meanings to memory
  • You’re still looking up meanings in your favourite Tarot books
  • You want to read Tarot from your heart, in a way that really helps people
  • You want to trust your intuition and just need some pointers for how
  • You are READY to build a deeply personal connection with the Tarot cards
  • You want to be an amazing, confident and intuitive Tarot reader


I designed this course to solve THE pressing problem I hear most often from aspiring Tarot card readers: “How can I master the Tarot card meanings once and for all and be a confident Tarot reader?”

The answer is simple – stop trying to memorise the meanings and let your inner wisdom guide your interpretations. I’ll show you how to do this, step by step, in the Master the Tarot Card Meanings Course. Join me:

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Here’s What We’ll Cover In The Master The Tarot Card Meanings Course:

Module 1

Getting Started

The basic foundations of how to master the Tarot card meanings

Module 2

Minor Arcana Systems + Cups + Pentacles + Keywords

What the Major and Minor Arcana cards really mean in a Tarot reading

Module 3

Symbolism & Stories + 5-Minute Tarot + Swords + Wands

How to easily decipher the symbolism within each Tarot card to access your intuition and inner wisdom

Module 4

Court Cards + Good Cards, Bad Cards

How to demystify those pesky Tarot court cards once and for all and how to know if a court card is you or someone else

Module 5

Majors + Meditations

Why the Major Arcana cards are some of the most powerful cards in the Tarot deck and A powerful technique to dive deep into the energy of the Tarot cards

Module 6

Majors + Reversals

How to interpret the meanings of the final 11 Major Arcana cards and my favourite techniques for interpreting reversed Tarot cards

Module 7

Tarot Card Combos + ‘Flow’ + 2-Card Readings

7 strategies for deciphering Tarot card combinations quickly and easily, how to read the ‘flow’ between Tarot cards or highly intuitive and powerful readings and how to perform an in-depth 2-card Tarot reading

Ready To Get Started?

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive as part of the Master the Tarot Card Meanings home study program:

  • A complete series of recorded training videos with my very best strategies and practical techniques for learning the Tarot card meanings.
  • A Workbook for each Module, filled with fun, practical assignments to help you apply what you have learned and deepen and personalise your knowledge of the Tarot.
  • My Tarot 101 video series – perfect for total Tarot newbies to cover the basics before the course begins
  • Bonus meditations to connect you even more deeply to the Tarot cards and accelerate your learning
  • Multiple-choice quizzes so you can check you’re on track with your Tarot studies
  • Certificate of Completion when you complete the program

YES! It’s time to ditch the memorization so that I can supercharge my Tarot readings!

If you were to do this course one-on-one with me as a private student, it would cost you close to $2,000. But I want you to get access to this knowledge and expertise without having to pay a huge amount.

Exclusive Offer

Master the Tarot Card Meanings

$297 $197

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